Manage Administrators


This section is only available to users in the Owner section.

This section displays a table of all users that are in the Admin and Owner groups:


Add New Admin

To add a new administrator select the Add admins button in the top right, this brings up the Add admins modal. Select one or more existing users and select add admins.


Promote to Owner

After a user has been added as an Admin they are eligible to be promoted to an Owner. You may want to provide this level of access to allow someone else to manage the admins, pay the bill or to take over the account. To promote a user select Manage Admin on the row of the user that currently is in the Admin group.


From here select Promote to Admin.


Demote to Admin

You may want to demote another Owner to an Admin, to do this select a record where the user is an Owner and choose Demote to Admin:


Remove from Admin Group

To remove a user from being an Admin or an Owner select the Manage Admin button for the user then choose Remove from admin group: