API Access

Tree Schema offers programatic access through the following mechanisms:

  • REST API: Rest documentation here

  • Python Client Python client docs here

Interacting with Tree Schema through the API provides many benefits and allows:

  • Developers to manage data lineage as code

  • Data engineers to wire CICD pipelines that automatically push changes to Tree Schema

  • Data scientists to explore the data catalog in the same notebook for data analysis

In order to use the API you must first:

  1. Enable API access for your organization and,

  2. Generate an API secret key.

Enable the Tree Schema API

By default, the API is not activated for your organization. In order to enable the API an admin in the organization must select the “Enable the Tree Schema API” option under Other Account Settings in the Admin portal.


Generate an API Secret Key

The API secret key is unique to your user. Do not share it with anyone. The secret key is used in the headers of the REST API to authenticate you.

To generate a new secret key navigate to the My Profile section and select Get API Key


If you organization has enabled the Tree Schema API, a modal will be displayed. From here you can retrieve a new secret key.



After you generate your API secret the value will never be shown again and you will not be able to retrieve it from Tree Schema. You only have one opportunity to save it! Don’t worry, you can always generate a new key - but this will deactivate your previous key.