Create a Data Schema Manually

Navigate to the list Data Schemas, this can be found under the side bar on the left within the Catalog section, and select the + Add Schema icon in the top right.


Add the Schema to the Data Store

Since a Schema must sit within a Data Store we first ask that you select the Data Store to associate this Schema to. If the Data Store that you are attempting to add the Schema to does not yet exists, go back and add it first.


Enter the Data Schema Details

Once the Data Store has been selected the other fields will become editable. The following fields are required to create a new Schema:

  • Schema Name

  • Schema Type

  • Tech Point of Contact

  • Steward


If you want this Data Schema to have the same Tech point of contact and Data Steward as the Data Store make sure to check Use the owners from the selected data store


Select Next to continue to the schema definition

That’s it! Now that your Data Schema is created you can navigate to the details page to add Fields to your Schema.