Create Schemas from a Data Store

In order to automatically add schemas to a Data Store you must first visit the Data Store details page for the Data Store that you would like to add schema(s) to.


Only users that are in at least one team that has view data access for the Data Store can add schemas

Automated Schema Generation

Under Details section and the Schemas tab you will find the Add New Schemas button:


When you select this button you will be given the following prompt


There will be two options:

  1. Automatically from Data Store

  2. Manually / Sample File

The previous page walks through the second option for manually creating a schema or generating one from a sample file. To continue with this tutorial select Automatically from Data Store to continue.


Since we do not access your Data Store unless you explicitly tell us to we present one final prompt asking you to confirm; depending on the type of Data Store and number of schemas it may take some time for us to generate all of the schemas.


Add Schemas and Fields

All new schemas found will be displayed within the modal:


For each new schema found you will be given two options:

  1. Add the Schema: All selected rows will have the schema shell added to Tree Schema, this basically just includes the name of the schema; the same Data Store Tech Owner and Steward are passed to the schema

  2. Add fields for the schema: For each row selected, Tree Schema will poll your Data Store to get the full set of fields for the associated schema as well as up to 20 sample values for each field


If you have a large number of schemas that are being generated at once it may take some time for the Fields to be created in Tree Schema

Select Submit to create the new schema(s), and to optionally save all of the Fields for each selected schema. You will see a confirmation with the changes being applied:


Exclude Sample Values

If you want to use Tree Schema in order to capture your metadata but you do not want Tree Schema to automatically save your sample values you can disable this feature and Tree Schema will not automatically capture sample values.

A user with Admin+ privelages will need to update the Allow Tree Schema to automatically capture sample values selection under the Other Account Settings in the Admin portal:


By default this option is selected. Now, when Tree Schema builds the schema on your behalf it will only create the schema and will not create any sample values.



This does not prevent your users from manually entering a sample value of their own