Create a Data Store

To create a data store navigate to the list data stores and select the + Create Data Store icon in the top right.


Only users in the groups Admin and Owner can create a new Data Store. For more information on groups visit Groups, Teams & Roles


Select the data store type

This will take you to the data store selection page, now select the type of data store that you want to setup.


For this example we will select Redis, one of our favorite databases at Tree Schema! But you can pick any that you’d like.

Enter the Data Store details

Now, add the details for your data store. A data store has the following fields:

  • Data Store Name


This is probably a logical name that you associate with your data store and should not be confused with the data store type (which was previously selected as Redis).

  • Tech Point of Contact

  • Data Steward


Redis is one of the few Data Stores that we do not currently offer a direct connection to because Redis does not provide pre-defined and consistent schema structures. When you create a Redis Data Store, or another Data Store that does not enable a direct connection, the next step will be to simply create the Data Store, as seen below:


For all of the other Data Stores that do allow for a direct connection, you will be given a choice to connect to the Data Store or to create it manually:


There may be a few other reasons why you do not want to connectot a Data Store:

  • The data store cannot be connected to

  • The data store does not have a connection handler (e.g. if it is actually your local computer, or if you receive files from your partners via email)

Even if you do not set up a direct connection to a Data Store you can still take advantage of the automated schema and field creation by providing sample extracts of your data!

For this example with Redis, go ahead and hit Create Data Store to wrap up and create this data store.

That’s it! Continue to the next page to walk through connecting to your data store.