Edit Data Store Details

You can edit the general details for a Data Store (e.g. the name, points of contact, etc.) and, if you are in the group Admins or Owners, you are able to manage the teams that have access.

Editing the Data Store Details

To edit a Data Store, select the edit icon in the bottom right of the Data Store Title (highlighted in red below):


This will bring up a modal which contains all of the editable information for the data store, this includes both information in the title section as well as the data store overview and the data store attributes. Here, you can change the description, points of contact as also change, create or update the data store connection. If applicable, you can also add, remove or update the jump server used for the data store connection.


Managing team access to the Data Store

Managing the team access to a Data Store determines who is able to see the underlying data that is created from the Data Store. After selecing the Manage team access button in the Data Store title you will be able to add or remove teams: