Metadata Sync

Some databases provide APIs that enable Tree Schema to sync descriptions made to the data store, schemas and or fields back to the source.

Manage Sync Settings for Data Store

You can manage the synchronization settings for all data assets within a data store from the data store level. From the data store details page select settings at the top:


A data store may only be able to sync descriptions for the data store itself, the schemas, or the fields. Furthermore, some data stores can only sync descriptions with specific types of data assets. As an example, Tree Schema may be able to sync the descriptions for schemas that are of type table but not of type view for a given database. If a data store is eligible to sync any descriptions with the source you will see the Metadata Sync tab under the data store settings.


Synchronization is enabled by default for data stores that are able to sync the README descriptions with the source. You can turn this off by unchecking the box shown above.

Understanding Sync Events

When you view a data asset (e.g. data store, schema or field) and the corresponding data store has enabled the metadata sync, if the data asset is able to sync the README description with the source you will see the sync symbols.


Just because a data asset is eligible to be synced does not necessarily mean that Tree Schema will be able to sync your description. It is important that Tree Schema have the appropriate permissions in order to execute the update for the description.

Eligible to Sync

This image means that the data asset can be synced with the source.


Source and Tree Schema in Sync

This image means that the Tree Schema has confirmed that the source description contains the same value as the Tree Schema README.


Source Cannot be Updated

This image means that the Tree Schema is not able to update the data asset. This is generally due to the source not providing an API or other mechanism to update the description. Hovering over this icon in Tree Schema will reveal a tool tip that depicts the reason why the data asset description cannot be synced.


Source and Tree Schema Not in Sync

This image means that the Tree Schema is not in sync with the source. This can happen if the source was updated since the last time that Tree Schema was synchronized.