What catalog would be complete without a dictionary of keywords to capture the vocabulary that is unique to the business? Tree Schema helps you centralize all of the lingo that drives your business so that your developers can focus on building that API by EOD without saying WTF is this acronym.

The Dictionary of Keywords can be found under Catalog and Dictionary as highlighted below:


Creating & Updating Keywords

To create a keyword, select the + Add Keyword button and to edit an existing keyword select the edit icon on the same row as the keyword. Both options will bring up the edit keyword modal:


There are three fields to define:

  1. Keyword: This is the keyword itself

  2. Context: This is the scope that the keyword applies to. Let’s use the word “channel” as an example. In the context of marketing, channel may mean email, SMS, or social media. However, the word “channel” may also be used by the tech team to represent a pub-sub pipeline, such as with Redis.

  3. Definition: How you define the keyword

Context Tags

Each value that is created for the context is also automatically created as a Tag. Continuing with the marketing example, if you define a context as “Marketing” then you will automatically have the “Marketing” tag available for you everywhere else within Tree Schema.