Tags allow you you label items in your catalog and to quickly view all items that share the same label.

Create a tag

You can create a tag on any of the following items in Tree Schema

  • Data Stores

  • Data Schemas

  • Fields

  • Transformations

In addition, when you create a keyword, the context is created as a tag. See more about context tags.

To create a tag, go to the corresponding details page for any of the items above and type in the new value for your tag. Once your tag is added to the item it is made available to everyone in your organization.


When you remove a tag that is not referenced anywhere else in your catalog we remove that tag to clean up your list of active tags. You can always add it right back if needed!

Search All Tags

If you would to see all items that share a tag you can view the All Tags page. It can be accessed under the Tags button in the side bar:


On this page we show you all of your tags, sorted by the most popular first. The high level view of the tags shows what type of items are tagged (Data Store, Transformation, etc.) as well as the total count of items that share this tag.

Clicking on a row expands the tag details and give you a detailed view of all items that have the tag, broken out by the type of item: