Concepts & Principles

Here, at Tree Schema, there are four main pillars that we look to in order to guide the direction of our product; these principles come though in the features that are (and are not) developed:

Guiding Principles:

Understanding your data should be excessively easy

We’re fed up with using products that over promise but fail to deliver, products that don’t enable the users to move at their own speed and products that have too convoluted and cumbersome to enable non-technical users to collaborate. We strive to make Tree Schema simple, yet powerful, focusing on the features that you will actually use and get value from. Understanding the shape, semantics and relationships of your data should never be a complicated task.

To us, simplicity means easy to use. Easy to use should not be complicated.

Everyone should be able to see all metadata in an organization

We believe that individuals and team’s need to be able to see how data flows through an organization in order to be fully empowered. This means allowing all users to see the format, structure and lineage of your data as well as to have the ability to explore and understand both the upstream dependencies for their work as all as any downstream implications, even if a user cannot see the underlying data.

Data access controls should not prohibit innovation and independence.

Data is valuable, there should be some high-touch

Automation for how to capture, store and document all aspects of a data ecosystem is an imperative aspect to scaling your data catalog, but we also believe that an important factor in unlocking the true value of data comes from a properly curated and maintained knowledge base. A data catalog should have just the right amount of engagement with your team to ensure that it is well documented and up to date.

Always do the right thing

We simply want to give you the experience that we want when we purchase a product. If you don’t love the product, we’ll give you your money back - no questions asked.

A portion of our revenue is set aside to more than offset the carbon footprint that using Tree Schema incurs to help build a greener world.