Invite Teammates / Invite Users


In order to be able to invite other users to your Tree Schema organization you must be an Admin or an Owner.

There are two ways to invite users to join your Tree Schema organization:

  1. Invite via Email

  2. Invite via Referral Link

Both of these options are covered in-depth below. In order to begin the process to invite new users, first navigate to the List Teammates view as seen highlighted below and select the + Invite Teammate button:


Invite via Email

There are two main differences between invitations via email and invitations via referral links, the two main benefits for email invitations are:

  • You can directly invite another user to be an Admin or an Owner

  • You can control exactly who has access to join your Organization

When you invite a user via Email we ensure that only the email that received the invitation is able to join your organization within Tree Schema and that invitations cannot be shared.

To send email invitations make sure that the Email invite tab is selected at the top of the invitations modal. You should see the following invitations form:


You will need to enter three values for each user that you invite:

  • Email: this is where the invitation is sent to

  • Name: the name of your teammate being invited

  • Group: the group to place the user into when they join

    • Admins can only invite teammates to be in the User group or Admin group, however, Owners can invite teammates to be in the User, Admin or Owner group.


You can send email invitations for up to 10 users at a time. If you need to send more simply invite your teammates in batches of 10!

Add to teams

As a reminder, after your users join they will be placed into the default team.