My Teams

The teams page shows all of the teams that you are a part of. You can access the teams page from My Organization then My Teams on the left-hand side bar:


Create New Team

Only users in the Admin or Owner group you will be able to create new teams. If you have the permissions you can create a new team by selecting the Add Another Team button:


This will display the new teams modal:


Enter the new team name and select submit. You team will be created, you will be added as the only team member and you will have the role of team lead with the ability to invite additional users to the team.


View Teammates Within a Team

The default view for the teams page shows all of your teams in a collapsed state:


Select one of the team names to expand the view and to see all of your teammates.


Team Leads

A team lead has elevated privileges within a team. Specifically, the team lead can do three additional things as it relates to the team:

  1. Invite additional users to the team (the users must have already received an invite to Tree Schema from an Admin or Owner)

  2. Remove teammates from the team

  3. Promote other teammates to team leads


When you assign another user as a team lead they have full access over adding and removing users from the team

If you are a team lead you will see (Team Lead) under your name in the list of team members for the team and you will be able to see the Manage User button under each of your other team members:


Add Teammates to a Team

To invite your teammates to a team you must be a team lead for a given team.

To add a teammate to the team, select the + Invite Teammate button at the top of the team, under the team name:



If you are in the Admin or Owner group you will be able to access any of the teams and you will see a blurb at the top that depicts your role and your capabilities, as seen below:


Remove Teammate from Team

To remove a teammate you must be either a team lead (as defined above) or be in the Admin or Owner group.

Select the teammate to remove from the team. A modal will pop up with the available options, select the option Remove from team for the action to take.


Promote to Team Lead

To promote a teammate to a team lead, select Manage User under their name and select the Promote to team lead option.